Thursday, October 7, 2010

Clear Liquid Diet to Lose Weight

Clear Liquid Diet to Lose Weight

The liquid diet is a type of fad diet. Many people are using a clear liquid diet to lose weight, but no one knows, whether it is a healthy one or an unhealthy one. The main reason of using liquid diet for weight loss is its low calorie value. Also, liquid diet helps keep your stomach full and hence you will eat less.

There are two types of liquid diet:

Clear liquid diet

Full liquid diet

A clear diet is fully transparent without any solid residue in it. It contains lesser no. of nutrients. If you want to adopt a clear diet to lose weight then first of all, try to reduce the intake of solid foods before adopting it. Here are some clear skin foods for you.


Lemon water


Clear Fruit juices

Clear vegetable broth

Clear soups

Ginger ale

Coconut water

Sport drinks

Clear gelatin

Ice pops

You can add these foods in to your weight loss diet menu. Avoid this diet if you are suffering from any chronic disease and you should always seek a doctor's advice before beginning such a plan.